Solana Inspired Networks: A framework for Constructing Application Specific Chains

Robin A. Nordnes
November 2, 2023
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We are thrilled to announce the publication of our comprehensive article on Solana Inspired Networks – where we are examining Solana's functionality as a settlement layer and the rise of solana-inspired networks.The article is an in-depth analysis of SVM integration across various ecosystems and identification of untapped opportunities for developers.

The article is authored by Robin A. Nordnes, Tech Lead at Elixir Capital, this article aims to provide an in-depth analysis of Solana's unique features, its potential for scaling other ecosystems, and the challenges it presents in a multi-chain world.

We are exploring a number of different questions in this article in light of the recent adoption Solana and the SVM has experienced:  Notable instances include Helium's integration of Solana, Visa's exploration of Solana as a payment network, Eclipse's extension of SVM's Layer 2 capabilities to Ethereum, and MakerDAO's proposal to fork Solana for its upcoming NewChain network. 

Questions we ask are as following: 

  • Execution preference on modular or monolithic environments?
  • Does L2s make sense on Solana?
  • Is Solana going to be used for constructing appchains?

The article will be structured in a few basic chapters to first introduce and review certain topics related to Solana & SVM then we will further discuss the questions at hand, to later summarise and conclude findings, with further research and next steps.

Sections are as follows:

  • A primer on upgrades upcoming to the Solana network
  • A primer on blockspace & localised fee markets mechanics
  • Deep dive into case studies adopting Solana & SVM
  • Open discussion & future work
  • Summary & Conclusion

This article is a must-read for developers, investors, and academics interested in understanding the nuances of Solana's architecture and its potential impact on the future of blockchain technology. As Solana continues to evolve, this article serves as a foundational piece for anyone looking to engage deeply with one of the most promising blockchain platforms today.

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