Solana & Next Generation Distributed Systems

Robin A. Nordnes
March 22, 2024
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What are the main limitations of blockchains today, and what we need to improve in order to enable more use cases.

In the rapidly evolving landscape of blockchain technology, we stand at a critical juncture, facing a multitude of limitations that, if not addressed, could significantly hinder the potential of distributed systems. This article delves into the core challenges that modern blockchains, particularly Ethereum, encounter, including issues of scalability, liquidity fragmentation, and the complexities of system design. By juxtaposing Ethereum's modular approach with emerging solutions, we aim to shed light on the pivotal improvements necessary to foster a new era of distributed applications.

Our exploration reveals an intriguing paradox: while Ethereum's pursuit of modularity through rollups and other scalability solutions has propelled the ecosystem forward, it simultaneously introduces a web of complexities that could stifle innovation and user adoption. The fragmentation of liquidity and the intricate dance of keeping assets and operations coherent across different layers and platforms emerge as formidable barriers to a seamless blockchain experience. This analysis not only critiques the current state of affairs but also hints at the burgeoning potential of alternative architectures that promise to address these systemic flaws.

As we chart the path towards the next generation of distributed systems, the conversation must pivot to the untapped possibilities within and beyond the Ethereum ecosystem. Are we on the cusp of witnessing the emergence of appchains and other novel frameworks that could redefine the boundaries of blockchain technology? This article serves as an invitation to explore the less-trodden paths of distributed system development, urging pioneers and innovators to consider a future where real-time settlement, high-frequency throughput, and seamless liquidity are not just aspirations but realities. For a deeper dive into our findings and proposals for paving the way forward, download the accompanying detailed PDF.

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